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Custom & OEM  dials to suit BMW 

We have in stock a selection of custom dials and original OEM dials

OEM are the original ones used in BMW - genuine original parts



3 series E46 , custom and OEM dials

5 series E39   custom and OEM dials

7 series E38  custom and OEM dials

X5 E53     E70      custom and OEM dials


                                                           Latest F series BMW original  OEM dials for KMH to MPH conversions

custom bmw dials    Latest 3 series, 5 series X5 X3

    X5 2013 2014 2015

    E70 dials availalble

    E60 5 series OEM dials available now

    E63 6 series OEM dials

    X3 2012 2013 2014 2015  dials




For imported BMW that needs a kmh to mph conversion please see here  



If you are importing your BMW to UK and need an original dial face please feel free to contact us

Call 07960 286 476 email

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There are too many dials  for us to list individually

Please send us a photo of your car dials and we will give you a

price and availability