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Porsche GT3 German import

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Lamborghini Murcielago speedo dial conversion completed in 2007


Ferrari 430 spyder KMH conversion

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

KMH to MPH speedo instrument dial conversions


How much does it cost?

Prices start from £180 and can go to around £500 for certain models.

We will send u a written quote via email to confirm your job specifics.


How long does it take?

The job takes between on average 1-2 hours to do. Most people wait

whilst it is being carried out. There are waiting facilities and a supermarket restaurant nearby.


Do you have the parts in stock?

For some cars we will have the parts in stock , some parts may arrive next day.We will advise you at the time of your enquiry.


Do you provide me with proof of fitting for VCA purposes?

Yes we do which have been accepted by VCA as evidence of fitting.


Can i come on a weekend?

Yes we have Saturday appointments.


What time are you open?

Monday to Friday 10 to 5pm Saturday 0930 to 4pm


How do you take payment?

Payment is by cash ,debit or credit card (not American Express)


Do you have waiting facilities?

Yes, there are waiting facilities seating and toilets. Refreshments are available locally.


Where do i come to have the work done?

1. Enfield EN1 1FS  or 2. West London HA7 1BG near Wembley


What do i need to do before i come?

Please send us good quality,  close of photos of your speedo gauges.

Showing both sides of the speedo. Also make model year of the car and fuel type. If you need a quote for lights conversion we will also need the chassis VIN number


Typically we need to see the warning lights on to help us match the part.

See here for more info.  on sending pics

We will arrange an appointment time with you


Can i leave the car with you?

The speedometer conversions we do on a whilst you wait basis. However if you need to have the lights converted also the car can be left at the Autobot garage where there is secure indoor parking in West London.


Headlights works usually takes 4 hours.- model dependent

MOT vehicle testing about 1  hours

Speedo conversion about 1-2 hours  - model dependent

Contact us on 07960286476  Email