Speedo Fixer Car speedometer conversions - Conversion dial kits


Speedofixer is  London based and  offering speedo conversion dial faces for most makes of cars, vans , mpvs and motor homes.

Speedo Conversion Dial kits for  KMH to MPH KPH MPH


We can help you change your speedometer to show both MPH and KMH speedo  with our conversion dial kits


Steps needed for speedo conversion ...


Step 1. Send us good clear photos to   whatsapp  +447960286476 or speedofixer@gmail.com 

             see here how  to take photos


Step 2. We will contact you with price and availability


Step 3. Bring car to us for a whilst you wait service to fit parts, or we come to you (callout fee applies)               or a garage of your choice.


The dials fitted suit the VCA requirements.


VCA requirements general require:

  • Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer
  • MOT
  • Proof of UK suitable head lights
  • Proof of fog lights as required
  • Proof of MPH Speedometer converted

BMW Speedo Conversions specific 

Speedofixer London can convert your BMW to MPH and KMH , we stock some of the original dial parts also.


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