range dials faceliftMobile repair services  facelift 2005- 2009Repair and upgarde in one go - get the new look with no green leds or dials  pixel repairs by speedofixer

Pixel Repairs for Range Rover - London M25 Heathrow Enfield - surrounding


The pixel problem is a common one found on Range Rover Vogue years 02 to 05.Its a common instrument cluster defect which causes the display to become illegible.


See our photo gallery for facelift conversions and white led upgrades 

2002-2005 green dial  car to black yellow 2006 to 2009 here


We can offer a sameday service to your home or work in South East of England and are on of the few companies to be confident enough to offer you a mobile service for this type of work - so no need to remove or send away your parts if you prefer an outcall.



 see the youtube video of it fitted here

  white led facelift conversion


vogue pixel repairs at speedofixer facelifted dials