BMW Import Car UK Conversion

We can assist you with the registration process by converting the speedo of

your car to a dual speed MPH and KMH version. We keep many popular dials in stock so can offer you a fast service.  Most popular models covered 1 series , 3 series , 4 series X5 7 series 


We are based in Enfield in an easy to find location with parking.


  • Speedofixer - dual speed MPH KMH dial conversions services 
  • Head Lights testing , MOT and lights changing/fitting
  • MOT services for imported cars
  • We can also supply OEM BMW dials

FAQs frequently asked questions


We will meet you at the designated  garage and carry out the work there or you can come to our workshop in Enfield.


So if you are planning to import your BMW to UK England and need to

register it here we can assist you with this. We have already carried out

over 60 conversions for various BMW owners  over the years.


We are based in North London, Enfield. You can bring your car to

us  by appointment and we can carry out works for you whilst you wait ,

we also have Saturday appointments.


Dual speedo dial products MPH KMH 

We keep in stock a variety of speedo dial conversion products

For most BMW models including latest 2015 2016 F chassis 

1 series F20  2 series 

3 series E46 E90 F30

4 series

5 series E39 E60 F10

6 series E63 F  

X1 latest 2014 2015 2016

X3 2014 2015 2016

X5 with HUD E53 E70 F chassis


7 series E38 E65 F01



Please send us accurate close up photos of your car dials. see here 

Clearly showing any warning icons eg handrbrake light or Engine light

Send to our email address



  1. Model eg:  BMW X5 Diesel
  2. Year  eg:  2010 
  3. Chassis number E.g. WBA2345BGHW0200

We keep many dials  in stock and can offer a same day service for fitting.

Sometimes we will use original BMW parts where they are available subject

to cost and customer choice.


This conversion is suitable for DVLA/ VCA registration processes.

We provide receipt suitable for VCA acceptance that conversion conforms

to the standard.


We provide the paperwork you need after the work is done for VCA purposes.


Photo gallery of some cars we have converted here


           When you import a new or used motor vehicle permanently into the              UK you ... fromHMRC and calculation of the VAT due if the valuation              of the vehicle is verified.
speedo conversion services london
bmw mini speedo converison services
 Below BMW 3 series E46 speedo dial conversion
imported bmw car conversion for registration

BMW X1 conversion at Speedofixer workshop

North London


Tel: 079602864765


BMW X3 2014 dial conversion

X5 speedo repairs & KMH MPH

MOT stations  here

BMW 3 series 2013 KMH conversion

X6m speedo conversion

X3 2012 conversion

BMW Mini Cooper KMH conversion

Please note we are not part of BMW nor affiliated with BMW  in any way. We will fit a suitable aftermarket or original BMW part as required.