Custom Speedo Dial Products

We stock a variety of custom dial produucts for certain models of cars.

Suitable for customisation and KMH to MPH conversions, MPH to KMH conversions.

More makes and models being added please enquire


Click on a manufacturer for dials available, for imported cars we need to see your current dial first - please send a photo see this link 

peugeot 406 coupe dial
custom bmw dials
w210 dial kit
custom bmw speedo dials
custom range lr322 speedo dials

Range Rover LR322 Custom dials


Custom speedo dials to suits LR322

The logos are the property of their respective owners , we are not in anyway affiliated with any of the manufacturers listed.

Instrument cluster dials available for ,most cars , if yours is not listed then please contact us for further info and availability.

Above: BMW E39 dial conversion

Below: Range Rover vogue dial conversions