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Lamborghini Murcielago speedo dial conversion completed in 2007


Ferrari 430 spyder KMH conversion



ferrari 430  kmh mph




murcielago speedo conversion

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs





KMH to MPH speedo instrument dial conversions - Speedofixer


What does  a speedo conversion involve?

For most cars we will fit a dual speed mph and kmh calibrated speedo dial.

Your existing speedo electronics will be used with the updated dial fascia. The odo distance travelled can stay in kms although some cars can swap this electronically e.g. Audi , BMW, Mercedes.


What about my headlights , fog light and the MOT ?

We can arrange for one of the garages that we work with to perform a check and test this for you . Flat beams and UK spec lights do not need changing.  After testing you will be given a  quote to replace and fit any lights as needed. Inspection certificates can be issued.Some cars eg from Japan, Southy Arfica , Thailand , Malaysia , Auistralia  will not need headlights changed i.e. RHD drive cars. Fog lights , you must have at least 1 fitted to the right side rear  or in the centre of the car.


How much does a Speedo conversion cost?

Prices start from £230 and can go to around £500 for certain models. If we are using BMW  original parts for example these jobs tend to be from £250 to £400 - sometimes we can use an aftermarket part but the finished look will not be the same , so we will give you the choice if you want the speedo to look like a UK OEM speedo using original parts. Cars requiring a custom dial - job costs are approx £450 to £500 and require 2 visits from us to remove the original dial then have a dual speed one made for you  then fitted to you car after a couple weeks. If we are travelling to your home or another garage then we charge a callout fee to cover fuel ,time spent travelling and also any parking fees or special zone fees. Callout fee is charged at  £2 per mile from our office N13 4BS to your post code with a minimum £30 call out fee.


We will send you a written quote via email, text  or whatsapp to confirm your job specifics.


How long does it take?

The job takes between on average 1-2 hours to complete .However some cars can take 4 hours , some complex speedos take extra time and some dials may need bonding , so there will be a wait time for the glue to dry before refitting.  Most people wait whilst it is being carried out. There are waiting facilities and a supermarket restaurant nearby in Enfield - locations and facilities + COVID tiers  vary.

Some cars will need 2 visits if a custom part needs to be made and there will be a 2 week interval to make custom parts.


Do you have the parts in stock?

For some cars we will have the parts in stock , some parts may arrive next day.We will advise you at the time of your enquiry.Some parts will need to be specially made for you and this can take 14 days.


Do you provide me with proof of fitting for VCA purposes?

A certificate of inspection can be issued from any MOT centre that does work for you or a garage that fits any parts for you that is VAT registered or has an MOT registered number. You can have us perform the speedo change and then have your MOT centre do the checks on all the parts and issue one statement that confirms the parts suitability. If you are having the work carried out at one of our affiliated MOT centres then this can be done on the same day along with your MOT.


Can i come on a weekend?

Yes we have Saturday and Sunday  appointments, MOTs usually need to be done Monday to Friday.


What time are you open?

Monday to Friday 10 to 5pm Saturday 0930 to 4pm Sunday 11am to 3pm


How do you take payment?

Payment is by cash ,debit or credit card (not American Express)


Do you have waiting facilities?

2021- limited onsite waiting facilities - you will need to go to a nearby coffee shop - dependent on latest COVID restrictions


Where do i come to have the work done?

1. Enfield EN1 1FS  or 2. West London HA7 1BG near Wembley see other garages in Mill Hill NW7  , Surrey and Cambridge , Oxford and Cambridge.


What do i need to do before i come?

Please send us good quality,  close of photos of your speedo gauges.

Showing both sides of the speedo. Also make model year of the car and fuel type. If you need a quote for head lights conversion we will also need the chassis VIN number, however the garage technician may need to see the car first.


Typically we need to see the warning lights on the speedo to help us match the part.


See here for more info.  on sending pics

We will arrange an appointment time with you


Can i leave the car with you?

The speedometer conversions we usually do on a whilst you wait basis. However if you need to have the lights converted also the car can be left at the MOT garage where there is secure indoor parking,Transportation can be arranged for collection from ports to the garage. Cars needing IVA and preparation work can be left at the garage.


Job duration and wait times

Headlights works usually takes 4 hours.- model dependent

MOT vehicle testing about 1  hour

Speedo conversion about 1-3 hours  - model dependent

Contact us on 07960286476  Email


Speedo Fixer UK

07960 286 476

whatsapp +447960286476


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