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Importing your car from abroad and registering it in the UK


Before you can register your car and get your number plates there are several steps involved in this process found on the website. The Vehicle Certification process involves some vehicle checks and modifications, in some cases, dependent on where the car came from. The age of the vehicle and country of origin also has an impact on the different registraiton route.


Speedofixer offers KPH to MPH speed dial conversions for a large variety of cars and vans.


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If you brought your car from abroad

You will often need to have the following work done:

  1. speedo KPH to MPH conversion  displaying both speeds
  2. change headlights to UK RHD spec
  3. fit rear fog light to RHS (central or two)
  4. reverse light on LHS( central or two)
  5. MOT carried out 
  6. BMW speedo conversion specialist

Speedofixer can assist you with the speedo dual speed dial kmh to mph conversion,lights testing and changing of lights and arranging MOT. 


We work with garages and MOT stations so that you can have all the work done at the same time. Garages available NW London , Surrey, Cambridge.


You will need the following before applying: -

  • Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer
  • MOT
  • Proof of UK suitable head lights
  • Proof of fog lights as required
  • Speedometer converted to mph & kmh

Cars from Japan and outside Europe or over 10 years old have a different process and may need inspection at a VCA centre before applying to the DVLA.


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Photo above : MOT station North West London (lights and MOT)

Waiting facilities are currently closed in 2021 due to Covid restrictions


All of the companies listed are independently owned and run from Speedofixer.

You will receive seperate invoices from each for any works you request, payment is to be made direct to them as requested.


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