Autobot Motor Centre
2 Wigton Gardens

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MOT & Lights testing & adjusting

  lights adjustment UK usage from euro LHD

Lights adjustment

Conversion from LHD to UK

suitable RHD usage

MOT and Lights testing for VCA registration

Test centre West London for MOT lights adjustment and fitting


Autobot can carry out MOT and check suitability of your lights for UK usage.

Where necessary AutobotMC can provide a quotation to perform the change to UK specs 

This includes changing lights and fitting reverse lights or fog lights if necessary.

Waiting facilities available.


Autobotmc can be contacted using the details above and is independently run from Speedofixer.

You will need to talk to Speedofixer about the speedo conversion 

There is a fee for testing the lights for UK suitability. If the lights are found to be suitable an inspection report will be issued. If replacements parts are needed you will be given a quotation detailing the pricing for this work.